• JOBST® Sport Knee High Compression


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    For legs on the go.

    JOBST ® Sport is specifically designed for men and women who want a long-wearing sock that is soft, lightweight and breathable. No matter the activity – walking, golf, tennis or when you’re on the go – team up with JOBST ®.

    Graduated JOBST ® compression Graduated compression helps improve blood flow and reduce swelling.

    Moisture control

    No matter the activity – walking, golf or tennis – Microfiber technology helps wick moisture away leaving your feet cool and dry.

    Activated Carbon fibers are integrated in JOBST ® Sport with the unique odor control system that keeps your legs fresh and cool. Activated Carbon fibers absorb odor instead of killing bacteria.

    Compression Classes

    15-20 mmHg (US)

    20–30 mmHg (US)