• JOBST® Opaque


    Available Styles: Knee High, Thigh High, Waist High, Maternity

    Web pricing is for Knee High Style. Prices vary based on style selected.

    For accurate sizing, advice on style selection, pricing and to place an order please contact us. 

    Softness and ease of donning for exceptional comfortable leg therapy.

    • Softer than ever for great comfort
      High quality multi-fiber yarns make the new JOBST® Opaque softer than ever.
    • Effective moisture wicking
      Innovative Nilit Aquarius fibers wick away moisture and give a feeling of comfort all day long.
    • Great fit, superior donning
      Double-covered highstretch inlay yarns make JOBST® Opaque incredibly easy to don and improve the distribution of fabric.
    • Hides blemishes, reveals beautiful legs
      JOBST® Opaque’s refined opacity discreetly covers blemishes, giving your legs an elegant look.
    • Long-lasting elegance
      JOBST® Opaque’s durability will provide your patients with longlasting elegance.

    SoftFit Technology. A revolution in compression stockings

    JOBST® Opaque knee high stockings are available now with the unique SoftFit technology

    JOBST® Sensitive silicone band. Comfort that performs.

    JOBST® UltraSheer high quality thigh high stockings offer a new, more comfortable silicone band variant: JOBST® Sensitive. A woven-in silicone yarn helps distribute the friction evenly across the welt, creating a soft grip on the skin and reducing skin imprints visibly.

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    Thanks to patent-pending knitted-in silicone yarns in the inner knee welt area, the SoftFit technology improves both comfort and efficacy. The specially siliconised yarns adhere softly to the skin and keep the stockings in place. As a result, the pressure in the top band area can be lowered in favour of higher wearing comfort. 

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    Compression Classes

    8–15 mmHg

    15-20 mmHg (US)
    18-21 mmHg (RAL)

    20–30 mmHg (US)
    23-32 mmHg (RAL)

    30–40 mmHg (US)
    34-46 mmHg (RAL)