• JOBST® forMen Ambition


    Knee High

    Prices vary based on style selected. For accurate sizing, advice on style selection, pricing ,and to place an order, please contact us.

    Your style expert

    Ideal for men spending a lot of time in standing or sitting situations: The medical compression sock impresses with functionality and timeless elegance in your professional life.

    Stylish Inspired by fashion hosiery JOBST® forMen Ambition comes in a timeless and elegant rib design offered in a great color variety for maximum concordance.

    Comfortable Balanced mix of soft yarns and high quality cotton ensures high elasticity for easy donning and comfortable wearing even during long business days.

    Effective JOBST® forMen Ambition embodies modern design without compromising on medical effectiveness.

    Compression Classes

    15-20 mmHg (US)
    18-21 mmHg (RAL)

    20–30 mmHg (US)
    23-32 mmHg (RAL)

    30–40 mmHg (US)
    34-46 mmHg (RAL)