• firefly™ Sports Performance and Recovery Device


    Single Pair Pack ($69)

    • Great for refills
    • Up to 30 hours of use
    • Contains 2 devices total
      • BEST VALUE! The Starter Pack* ($139)

        If this is you first-time using firefly™ then the Starter Pack is designed for you. This pack includes two pairs of firefly™ (4 devices total) that provide up to 60-hours of recovery time. Additionally, you will receive a FREE pair of knee straps to help ensure a comfortable and secure connection with the firefly™ for optimal recovery.

        *For first-time users only. One order per address.

        NEW! The 3-Month Supply Pack ($369)

        Never give up, never surrender! Are you truly serious about your training? Addicted to the push? Do you crush it so hard on leg day you can hardly make it out of the gym? This 3-month supply pack contains 6 firefly™ pairs (12 devices total), a pair of knee straps for 180 hours of recovery!

        Essential & Elite packs for intensive training

        The Essential 2-Pack ($137)

        • For returning users
        • Up to 60 hours of use
        • Contains two pairs of firefly™

        • The Elite 4-Pack ($275)

          • Up to 120 hours of use
          • Pair of free knee straps
          • Contains 8 devices total

          • The Elite 5-Pack ($309)

            • Up to 150 hours of recovery
            • Contains 5 pairs of devices
            • Contains 10 devices total

            • The Team Pack ($1499)

              (up to 750 hrs of use)

              For league, college, and pro team training and post-game recovery. This pack contains 25 pairs of firefly™ (50 devices total). Perfect for the sports team that trains hard and is looking to get back on the field or court faster and in the best condition possible.

              Is your clinic/gym/store new to firefly(TM)?

              Contact us for DEALER/RETAILER pricing. 

              Our goal is to help your clients/customers reach their recovery potential and maintain their competitive edge.

              *Credit application and minimums apply.