• Melmak Bone Growth Stimulator

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    Evidence shows that these devices can accelerate the healing of fresh fractures by 38%, have a heal rate of 86% for delayed and non-union fractures, can reduce cast time by as much as 22% and are an effective treatment for stress fractures. All of this in just one 20min/day treatment.

    Helping bones heal faster with the Melmak Low Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound (LIPUS) Device. LIPUS devices have been clinically proven to support and accelerate the healing process of acute as well as delayed and non-union fractures.

    If your doctor requires a referral form for this device, please contact our office or download online here.

    Once the form is filled out by your doctor, the PRESCRIPTION FORM must be faxed to our office at (780) 466-0041

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    and direct-billing insurance coverage of the Melmak Bone Stimulator device.