MedSpec Compressor Wrist Support


The Med Spec Wrist Compressor is designed to provide comfortable support  in low profile model.  It features two plastic stays: a straight, removable dorsal stay on top, and a curved, removable stay on the bottom to support the wrist in a functional position.  The large hook and loop fastener across the top is easy to use and features a D ring post on the side to create further adjustable compression around the carpal region. The stays limit the range of flexion and extension allowed at the wrist joint.  The Med Spec Compressor wrist support makes it an excellent choice for providing compression along the carpal region.  Patients appreciate the patented barb on the end of the compressor strap and the finished edges thumb's web space closure strap for ease of application and enhanced comfort.

MedSpec Wrist Compressor Features:

  • Two removable plastic stays: one dorsal on top, and one palmar located on the palm side.
  • Easy hook and loop fasteners across the wrist and through the thumb's web space.
  • Low profile design limits flexion and extension range of motion through your wrist.
  • Made from breathable CoolFlex material (perforated) for breathability (does have latex).
  • Right/left specific.
  • Available in four sizes for a perfect fit - see sizing chart tab.

Available Colors: Black.

Measure wrist circumference as shown below.

MedSpec Compressor Wrist Support

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