Med Spec Boxer Splint


    ·         Product Care: Remove any metal stays if possible, close all contact closures and hand wash in warm water with mild soap. Product should be air-dried, do not use high temperatures to wash or dry.

    ·         Maintain flexibility

    ·         Improve finger joint function

    ·         Decrease wrist pain symptoms

    ·         Decrease anti-inflammatory medications

    ·         Support fractures of the fourth or fifth metacarpal

    ·         US manufacturing: higher quality control standards

    ·         Metacarpal closure strap features our patented V-Strap Retention System that prevents the strap from sliding out of the plastic buckle when applying or removing the splint

    ·         Polypropylene felt liner provides superb padding and allows moisture to evaporate away from the skin

    ·         Molded plastic clamshell design protects and supports the fourth and fifth metacarpals without restricting the flexion of the MP joints

    ·         Malleable palmar and dorsal aluminum stays are easily bent to immobilize the patient's hand in the desired position

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