• Footlogix Rough Skin+ Anti-Fungal Formula


    Dry, sandpaper-like, rough skin (skin that catches) or skin prone to fungal infections can develop into very severe problems, especially for people with diabetes or atopic dermatitis. 

    Rough skin around your heels can become so severe that it can cause deep cracks and infections. Dry feet exposed in public areas such as, unclean foot baths, unclean salons and spas can develop dry, unsightly, flaking and rough skin. 

    Proper hydration of the feet can help to keep skin healthy and allow it to do its job of “protection.”

    Rough Skin Formula is recommended for:

    • Treating dry, rough skin
    • Scratchy or sandpaper-like skin
    • Skin prone to fungal infections
    • Bare feet exposure in public areas such as locker rooms, communal baths and showers saunas, swimming pools, airport security

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