• Bunion Bootie

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    Bunion Treatment Without Pads, Spacers, or Surgery!

    Join the hundreds of thousands of happy Bunion Bootie customers who now turn to Bunion Booties for their bunion treatment.

    If you have tried bunion pads, then you know how disappointing they can be since they don’t stay put, and do nothing for positioning the big toe to its natural alignment.  If you have tried bunion splints, then you know firsthand the discomfort and pain that comes with wearing rigid splints can often be worse than the bunions themselves!  And what about those toe spacers for bunions?  Those aren’t easily worn in sneakers or boots and most people find them terribly uncomfortable.

    • 100% Soft, flexible bunion splint that doesn’t add unnecessary bulk or pressure to the already sensitive area
    • Separates the big toe from the other toes to help temporarily improve toe alignment
    • Soothes and releases tension & bunion pain near the joint
    • Ultra-thin barrier (only 0.4mm thick!) to protect against blisters, rubbing, & increasing tenderness
    • Stabilizing support that can be worn day & night
    • A gentle, comfortable solution for bunion discomfort
    • Latex free – Available in 5 sizes for the perfect fit!
    • Suggested wear time is 2-6 hours initially and then gradually increasing wear over time.  The Bunion Bootie should feel snug on your foot but not uncomfortable.
    • The material will relax slightly after the first few times wearing it so if in doubt or between sizes, most people typically go with the smaller size.
    • Our Size Guide is still just a guide to help you find the best fit possible, but every foot differs in shape and size so remember to measure both feet separately.