Accelerated Foot Care PRO-GO Pack (Straight Jaw)-Starter 3 Pack

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Case of 3-Starter Pack

Try out these unique, time & money saving PROFESSIONAL Go packs. This 3-pack contains everything you need in each one for 3 professional foot care clients.

Testimonial: “Since investing in my Foot Care Business Starter Kit and using these convenient foot care packs, I am finally organized, saving time, space in my car and home, money. I’m now MAKING MONEY and have an efficient, professional business which I’m finally proud of. I REALLY wish I would have known about the business kit and foot care packs as soon as I finished my course! -Kate M.


Features & Benefits:

As a foot care professional, you value high standards, quality care, time and savings. Are you a seasoned foot care nurse looking to simplify your operation? Or are you a NEWER foot care professional?

The start-up cost of having your own auto-clave and law-abiding sterilization policy/system will cost you thousands, time, space and headache. This is why, our foot care nurses developed this Foot Care PRO-GO Pack to make things SIMPLE and EASY.

Save TIME, MONEY and SPACE with everything you need for a successful client foot care treatment with SINGLE-USE instruments and supplies-compact, organized.

Every Foot Care PRO-GO Pack contains:

  • 4 instrument single-use STERILE podiatry pack (blacks file, metal nail/callous file, straight jaw nippers, scalpel handle)
  • 2 large absorbent pads
  • 4-disposable washcloths
  • 4 alcohol swabs
  • 1- foam emery board (100/180grit)
  • 1-procedure mask
  • 1 small white garbage bag
  • 1 light weight plastic apron
  • 1-#15 scalpel blade (Gloves not included)


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Benefits include:

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