Accelerated Foot Care PRO-BUSINESS STARTER Kit


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“I finished my foot care provider course over a year ago and really struggled. My course prepared me with the skills, but not the huge challenge of actually creating a business. My Foot Care Business Starter Kit had EVERYTHING I needed and more than I expected. I’m following all the steps, using the tools and my business is already paying it off! As a complete business tax write-off, it was a no-brainer investment. I REALLY wish I would have had this kit as soon as I finished my course! -Tammy D.



Click here to become a member of our Accelerated Foot Care PRO Business Support group. $9.99/mo.

Benefits include:

  • 10% Discount on all Foot Care PRO-GO Packs and Business Starter Kit
  • Digital customization with your own logo on your forms from the kit for a more professional look
  • Exclusive access our FB support group dedicated to supporting YOUR business
  • Exclusive offers, promotions, events
  • Personalized help with not just your skills, but your business, sales, marketing and more.
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Features & Benefits:

Are you a NEW Foot Care Nurse? Are you wanting to start your own business, but don’t know where to start?


Is your business struggling? Did you know it is estimated that very few foot care course graduates are successful in creating a viable and profitable foot care business?! 


Let us help you be successful, to make the most of your education investment and ensure you are operating with the highest standards, minimizing health and legal risks for you and your clients.


To make things SIMPLE, EASY and save you TIME and MONEY, we have created the ACCELERATED FOOT CARE PRO-BUSINESS STARTER Kit. A “roadmap to success” with all the essential supplies, equipment, resources and forms to get you started in a cost-effective, timely and professional way. We cover policy & procedure with sample, marketing, sales, referrals, infection control, and much more.


We also include sample documents to ensure you are adhering to best practice standards. 

These forms and supplies will save you months of time, headache and thousands of dollars in attempting to develop independently.


The Accelerated Foot Care PRO-BUSINESS STARTER Kit includes:

ONE FULL SAMPLE CLIENT CHART with CUSTOMIZABLE forms which cover all the bases to ensure you’re operating at best practice and ready to start your business TODAY.


BONUS COUPON CODE: BUSINESS “BLAST OFF” Marketing Workshop (If no one knows about you, how will they hire you?! Over 10’000 business owners have attended this intensive half-day workshop around the world, attributing a big part of their growth to the strategies learned in this session.


Equipment & Supplies:

2-AcceleratedFootcare PRO-GO Pack-Straight Jaw (Contains everything you need for one client treatment!)

2-AcceleratedFootcare PRO-GO Pack-Curved Jaw

1-Monofilament Diabetic Foot Screen Test Kit-Retractable Accurate

1- box latex-free disposable gloves (state size when ordering)

1-container hospital-grade anti-bacterial wipes (160)

1-500 ml bottle unscented hand sanitizer

1-140 ml bottle Atrac-Tain Moisturizing Cream 4% Urea for extremely dry, cracked skin

1-360 ml bottle SECURA™ Professional Care™ Moisturizing Lotion, Fragrance Free

1-Dremel with battery, recharger, ½” drum and attachments

1-Dremel Replacement Battery

1 bag-100 sanding bands-fine 240 grit

1 bag-100 sanding bands-med 120 grit

1 – ¼ “mandrel

1 -3/32 Collet (needed to interchange and use most podiatry burrs)

1 large sharps container

1-CPR/Barrier Mask

1-tube of Polysporin (Nick Kit)

1-Box 80 Band-Aids (Nick Kit)

26-Starter assortment of callous & corn pads, toe spreaders, toe separators, digital gel tubes