4 Point Massager


  • The Therapy in Motion 4 point handheld massage tool is a highly effective and easy to use trigger point massage aid. 
  • This four-way massager provides the option of a relaxing massage to any part of the body or a more targeted muscular trigger point massage therapy depending on the user's preference. There is a rounded knob at each of the massager’s four points; these can be used to apply the desired pressure. The larger knobs provide gentle pressure for a more relaxing massage, while the smaller knobs provide more intense pressure to help target problem areas.
  • Can be used by massage therapists and for self-massage.
  • Ideal tool for easing pain, stress and tension, for relieving sore or stiff muscles and for general relaxation.
  • Can be used directly on the skin or on top of clothes for a less intense massage.
  • Small, compact, and easy to clean.
  • Also referred to as a hand held massage and trigger point massage tool, hand held massage aid, massage therapy tool, massage therapy accessory, self-massage tool, self-massager, trigger point massage tool, 4-point massager.
  • Colours may vary.
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