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...My doctor prescribed me a knee scooter to off-load my broken ankle for 3 months. I shopped around and found the BEST KNEE SCOOTERS for LOW RENTAL RATES at this company. It was worth every penny! No trudging around on crutches in the snow!
-Selina M.

...Super CONVENIENT, FAST and FRIENDLY service ....after calling around town and dealing with everyone being rented out it was nice to deal with a company that has a good amount of stock and could get me a knee scooter right away - highly recommend.

-Randi B.

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Are you tired of relying on others to shop, walk the dog or make meals?

Are you losing money because you can't get around to work?

Do you have problem feet/nails or bad leg circulation?

Do you suffer from a chronic foot ulcer that just won't heal?

Wouldn't it feel great to be healed, "hands-free" and "pain-free" again?

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Do you need a cast or other service that requires a physician referral or prescription? 

Insurance & Payment Options

Many of our products and services are covered by MOST insurance companies, however it is your responsibility to check with your insurance company in advance to ensure you have coverage. However, even WITHOUT INSURANCE COVERAGE, we endeavour to ensure our products and services are AFFORDABLE and ACCESSIBLE for all who need it.

Currently, we work with the following government insurance companies whom we can direct-bill:

  • Veteran's Affairs
  • WCB
  • NIHB (Non-Insured Health Benefits)

Please check with them in advance of your purchase, rental or service to determine if they require a doctor's prescription.


Some insurance companies may require a doctor's prescription to gain reimbursement through your health benefit policy. Please contact your insurance company in advance if this is a concern for you. 

We have a Physician Prescription/Referral form available!

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